Single Topic or Multi-Topic for your Blog

There are many bloggers who are very doubtful about their writing content. What to write and how many to write is always a huge huge problem. There are certain things that you need to take care of while writing for a blog or writing on your own blog. There might be some overlaps in the topics or the sub-topic but there are some things that you need to keep in mind while you struggle between choosing a single topic or a multi-topic for your blog. Here, we shall discuss all the points and stuff that will be helpful to the people who are having the biggest question about their blog- Single topic or Multi-topic?

    The most important yet the very basic question you need to ask yourself is that- what will you be writing about? Making money from your blog is a part of your blog and not the entire agenda of your blog. If you think that you will be creating a blog that will be of personal needs then, you can go for different topics. But if you are fully concentrated of only earning money from your blog then going for the multi-topic is a NO.

    There will be readers who will want to see only the articles that are related to them or those by which that are interesting to them. Then you can go for single topic blogs, but this doesn’t end here, there are as many readers who want everything and anything to read. If you are following a single topic blog and somehow you try publishing topics that don’t match your blog type, the number of readers that you have will fall to zero.

    Income from your blog is directly due to the number of targeted crowd that your blog is getting. So it is better for many bloggers if they go for the multi-topic so as to get more crowd and of course more income.