Reason behind the smartphone addiction in Teens

Smartphones has become a necessity for all of us and every one of us is using it. They have become some sort of addiction as it has the capability to change our mood accordingly and can even trigger our feelings. Smartphone has brought the world to be in our hands which can be accessible from anywhere and at any time. This has made most of the people to check the smart phones in frequent intervals and it also urges the people to use it effectively.

Like all other gadgets smartphone has become handy and easy to use they also offer us with lot of cheap apps which can be accessed by us easily. This has made us to distract from the real world activities and allows us to engage with other sort of entertainment and sometimes it could be a major problem. As we all know the fact that teenage is the crucial stage in life and it can be the turning point in your life. The things that are done in our teen age will be remembered by us throughout the life and everything unique can be done.

Some of the challenges that are faced by the teenagers are described here. The first and the most important thing is the social media as it allows the teenagers to compare themselves and they will find many new friends which will separate them from the outside world. We are all living in the world of selfies, in which the teens will post their images and measure the amount to beauty and determine their popularity. Nowadays parents of the teens has also started using the smartphones and so they have to be the role model for their children to use the smartphones effectively as they should be used for constructive purpose.