How do you make money with Spotify?

What exactly is Spotify?

Spotify is a free streaming service financed by advertising. Döse advertising does not go too long but comes in very regular intervals and even offline music listening or skipping songs is not always possible.
For all those who don’t want to have advertising or interruption, there is still Spotify Premium. Here one pays 9.99EUR per month and can hear so advertisement-free and even off-line their music. It is also possible to skip songs and put them together according to your wishes.

How do you earn money with Spotify?

To earn money with Spotify you first have to produce your own song. This song must be at least thirty seconds long and must not be copied. If the song is uploaded then the author gets 0,004 Cent per call. A call only counts as a call if the listener has listened to the song for at least thirty seconds and owns Spotify Premium.

What do others earn with Spotify?

In 2018, musicians in the USA earned up to 3.97 US dollars. That’s the equivalent of 3.58EUR per 100 streams, so not much. A popular band released their payout of Spotify once in 2013. For a period of one year, with around one million streams, the band received just $4,955.90, or about $0.004891 per stream.
For smaller bands or musicians the payout of Spotify is not enough to live on, because it takes at least a few million streams to earn at least some money.

In the year 2018 an unknown user tricked Spotify. He or she created two playlists with many, relatively unknown songs and uploaded them. But instead of waiting for listeners, he or she simply created up to 1800 accounts and earned his money. This way of earning money on Spotify is not punishable in itself, but Spotify regularly checks whether the earnings of users is honest or not. If not, earning more money is probably not allowed.

In conclusion one can say that Spotify is a very good app to stream and listen to music, but it is very, very hard for unknown artists to earn money with Spotify, unless you earn it in a dishonest way which is not allowed from Spotify.