Find my phone

An easy installable search feature has been developed by Google which allows you to find the lost mobile. With the help of “Find my phone” command it is possible to find the location of the device approximately. When the command has been received then the nearest location of the device can be easily identified and will be displayed on the screen. The user of the application has to ensure that the latest version of the android application has been installed. Site tracker facility of the Google has to be enabled by the user.

In this article we will know about the other features this new technology invented by Google. Most of us will forget the phone by misplacing it somewhere in the home and we don’t have to worry about such situations. The application that is developed by Google will help you to find the phone within few seconds. All you need to do it to just type the word find my phone in Google then it will start searching for the device and identify the nearby spot within few seconds after receiving the request.

There is also additional feature in this regard which helps the user to erase and modify the day if he/she has started using your phone. The working of the application is simple once the command has been typed and the Google will make call to the specified number with the help of the application manger. Then it will wait for the reply from the user and once the call has been answered within five minutes it is possible to find the approximate location of the lost phone. Before undergoing all the above process the user has to make sure that the tracking service in the phone is switched on.