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10 Tips for Successful Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing?

E-mail marketing is assigned to online marketing. More specifically, e-mail marketing belongs to direct marketing. It supports the company in maintaining and strengthening customer contacts. E-mail marketing focuses on working with digital messages (sending e-mails) to inform customers about new products or services.

Forms of email marketing

Within e-mail marketing, two different forms can be distinguished:

1. one-to-one communication: The company addresses itself to a single person by sending the e-mail.
2. one-to-many communication: An e-mail is sent to any number of people. If this type of e-mail marketing is exaggerated, it is also referred to as spam. Too many e-mails of a company flood the digital mailboxes. Spam can cause great economic damage.

The form of e-mail marketing in which customers receive advertising and other information about the company is called a newsletter. This direct marketing is particularly cost-effective and flexible for companies and causes less costs for the company.

10 tips for successful email marketing

Set first opening pulse: The reader must be made curious from the beginning. The text must be transparent and detailed. The reader must be clear about the message to be conveyed. A coherent subject line and an appealing teaser are absolutely essential.
2nd A/B Test: Before an e-mail is sent, an A/B test should be carried out. An A/B test refers to the subject line. In order to find out whether an e-mail really reaches the reader, two different subject lines must be used. A comparison of the subject lines (key figures) gives information about their success.
3. subject line: The subject line should not be longer than 75 characters including spaces. E-Clients cut off each additional character and make the subject line illegible.
4. dispatch time: Different dispatch times should be tested (weekday and times), opening and click types indicate the best dispatch time.
5. personal salutation: depending on target group (surname, first name)
6. precise and concise: newsletters should be kept short and concise.
7. text clicks and call-to-action links: The newsletters should be accompanied by text clicks and call-to-action purchase requests. It is made easy for the customer to buy products.
8. imprint: Legally it is intended that each advertising e-mail must contain the imprint. §5Abs. 1 of the Telemediengesetz (TMG) (name, postal address, legal form and authorised representatives, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, registration court, registration number, turnover identification number)
9th unsubscribe link: Every advertising e-mail should contain a link so that customers can unsubscribe from the newsletter offer. This link is also required by law. It is important that customers can unsubscribe from the newsletter quickly and easily.
10th evaluation: The success of the newsletter can be evaluated on the basis of the opening, click and delivery rates. The numbers can be cause to revise the new type character. Also on customer’s requests to the new type character can be dealt with, by being sent out polls.

Direct marketing by E-Mail, the new type character, is particularly suitable for enterprises, in order to recruit fast, flexibly and economically for itself. With tips such as a good subject line, a refreshing teaser and a personal salutation, a good newsletter can be created. The customer is bound to the company for the long term. For the company this means fast advertising, fast distribution and a high profit image. A professional newsletter is the adaptation to the digitalization of society.

4 Steps to Find the Best Affiliate Niche for your Blog

The theme is the most important thing that you can look for in an entire blog. Readers around the world go through the blogs to look for something interesting, something popular, something relatable with their lives and something that is profitable for their lifestyle. It is often seen that the most popular blogs follow this kind of ritual where they write about their current affairs that is all over the internet, or that things that are helpful for the readers and so on. Here we shall see and discuss how to find the best affiliate niche to attract more readers and earn money.

Step 1: Check the Categories you want to write.

You will definitely see a lot of topics and themes over the internet that is either popular or are trending at the moment. You must go and check the categories that you want to write and go for the appropriate topic that goes hand in hand with all the popular topics on the internet. By doing this, you will not only go with the trend but will also enjoy writing your own motivated category.

Step 2: Filter out the topics that you think are bit unpopular or unworthy.

You might go through like 300-400 topics over the internet, but every single one of them is not perfect, right! So try filtering the topics that you might not be able to write or are unpopular or are doubtful to you.

Step 3: Keep browsing for the topics that you subdivided.

Once you are done with your subdivision, keep on browsing for the theme that you can write on. See if those are still in trend or not and if they are, then how much changes can be done to make it even more popular on your blog.

Step 4: Look for competition.

All of them are not professional, not doubt. But you need to make sure you have a healthy competition than a rash one. You don’t want to clash with a biggie at the very first attempt. Make sure you choose a theme very precisely.